We take a shower with health benefits!

Morning exercise routines in your shower cabin

A comfortable shower cabin can not only help you conveniently perform daily hygiene procedures, but can also be a small home fitness centre, which can in many ways contribute to you obtaining a morning charge of vivacious energy and improve the physical beauty of your body in comfort.

Muscle shower
Contrast showers have excellent anti-aging properties, and according to the extent of their effect on the muscles, are able to replace energetic physical exercise. In addition, this water treatment promotes excretion of toxins, which positively affects gaining a fit and slim figure. Without a doubt, contrast showers are the most affordable home water treatment, simultaneously strengthening the immune system and providing toning to raise the athletic condition of your body. Shower cabins alongside a bath can be used to help you lie down in cold water, beneficial in the supine position after a hot shower. This water treatment can be immediately stopped when discomfort occurs.

Satin skin

Since the implementation of contrast water treatments requires prior preparation and is by no means recommended for everyone, such a chilling shower or dousing may be replaced by an equivalent method that is rather less stringent. After a morning wash in warm water, you need to carefully rub your wet skin with a bath mitt or a brush, which must be periodically dipped into a solution of either ordinary or sea salt. This cooled solution should be applied thoroughly through massage of the whole body, starting from the feet and finishing at the shoulders and neck, before rinsing with warm water. Such rubbing-in of salt after a shower has an amazing cosmetic effect, which:

  • tones the skin;
  • increases blood flow;
  • smoothes and softens the skin;
  • provides gentle exfoliation.


Contrast showers, when you douse yourself and rub with cold water, are in themselves  a good way to keep your physical attributes in an optimal state, but few people know that an ordinary towel can also serve as an excellent exercise device. It can be used as a massage aid for stretching the desired part of the body. The towel should be taken by the edges and carefully rubbed over the body with a rotating motion in a circle for 3-5 minutes, immediately after a visit to the shower. This simple exercise will not only help to make your stomach flatter, but also help to avoid unsightly folds of fat around the waist, and to prevent skin drooping on the thighs and buttocks.

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Fasten the shower rack correctly!

How to install a shower riser bar

A shower riser bar can be part of the set supplied with your purchase, replacing the fixing point for the spray, or it can be included in a shower accessories collection and simultaneously perform a multiple role for several related items. But in either of these situations, the bar has to be correctly and sturdily fixed to the supporting wall.. If you’d like to know just how you, yourself, can install such a bar, read on.

What do you need to know to install a bar?

  • The right height


Before you begin the installation, you have to decide where the right location and the right height are for the bar. Ideally, it should be such that neither the shortest nor the tallest member of the family feel any discomfort while taking a shower.

  • The tools you’ll need

The standard kit for mounting a riser bar in your shower should be prepared by you in advance – a hammer drill, drill bits, screwdriver, hammer, and the drill chuck. At the same time, if you need to drill through tiles, you’ll need a special drill bit designed for tiles.

  • Safety requirements

First shut off the water around the home or at least in the room where the work will be carried out. Also make sure that there are no pipes or cables under where you need to drill.

Installing our shower riser bar

  1. Mark on the wall surface the points where we will drill one or more holes for the bar.
  2. Use the hammer drill to make holes where you have marked, unless the wall is tiled. Then you will need to use a special tapered drill bit, before finishing off with a normal drill bit.
  3. Use a hammer to drive plastic wall plugs into the holes you’ve just drilled.
  4. Mount the brackets that hold the bar to the wall with screws.
  5. Fit the riser bar to the mounts to hold the shower head.
  6. Place the bar to the mounts.
  7. Firmly screw them tight with a screwdriver.


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Shower Rod in the interior of your shower room!

Riser bars for showers: a necessity or a gimmick?

Despite all the advantages of fitting your bathroom with a riser bar, they have not yet become a mandatory part of every bathroom, and sometimes even considered an unjustified waste of money.

Is a riser bar really necessary or superfluous? We’ll take a look in this article.

What makes a riser bar valuable to your shower?

It’s hardly a secret that every user has their own requirements for the equipment in a bathroom and a shower riser bar for some may seem completely useless. However, in fact this is not so:

  • A riser bar allows you to adjust the height of the shower head for each user

Perhaps this is the main reason for having such an item. Thanks to the ability to move the shower head holder, the problem of making sure that taking a shower for each family member is comfortable simply ceases to exist.

  • A shower riser bar simplifies the installation of accessories for your shower

 A riser rod can itself be part of the design of your shower as well as facilitating the addition of accessories, which in addition to a hand-held shower head and hose, can also include a soap dish and a variety of shelves and hooks. In this respect, the installation of an overhead shower head with mixer via a riser bar is much easier, because a complex concealed installation is required.

  • Shower riser bars helps optimise space in your bathroom

Sponges, bottles of shower gel and shampoo, as well as other little things for showering, are items that are always difficult to place in a small bathroom so that they do not cause any interference, do not fall, and do not even get broken.

Since the fact is that a riser bar can be additionally be equipped with required shelves, hooks and soap dishes, everything needed can always be at a user’s fingertips.

  • A riser bar in your shower helps to make your bathroom more stylish and reliable

A riser bar brings together all the minor items needed during a shower in a harmonious ensemble, creating the impression of a coherent and finished bathroom design.

You also have a guarantee that the shower head does not slip out of the holder and damage the shower tray or the surface of the bath, and the shower hose will not twist and break before starting to leak.

When can you avoid buying a riser bar?

But of course, there are times when buying a riser bar is not so necessary.

For example, when a user fixes a stationary holder at a certain height for the shower head. Or family members are all about the same height, and the acquisition of an overhead shower is not planned or one is already separately installed.

A riser bar will not add any particular value to a large bathroom with dedicated shower accessories such as shelves and cabinets.

So, what a riser bar does for your shower rail – whether a uxury or a necessity – everyone must decide for themselves, depending on their particular needs and the bathroom environment.

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The beauty of the overhead shower in your shower cabin

Shower cabin: overhead showers that really benefit us

An overhead shower head, along with hydromassage jets and a manual shower, has for a long time been part of the standard kit for any shower cabin that we need to use to get the most from taking a shower. However, some users often ask the question of what is the point at all in the least used of this trio? Because in order to take a shower it can be enough just to have a manual hand-held shower. However, the reasons for having an overhead shower which retains its role in the bathing experience, continue to be valid in contemporary plumbing design and the variety of functions available.

Back to the roots

After the invention of the hand-held shower head, it seemed that the traditional shower head, positioned over your head, would never, under any pretext, return to the bathroom. But only a few decades later, and overhead dome-shaped shower heads are again back in favour, and they’ve become even more massive, when compared with the previous generation, and they are not just part of a set installed in a shower cabin, but are an element in their own right, a separate component.

The reasons for such a brilliant return to favour are various:

  • Firstly, due to the increase in bathroom space requirements for today’s needs, there is very much a place for such a shower accessory;
  • Secondly, an enduring fashion for retro;
  • Thirdly, a gorgeous, relaxing massage-effect and the health-enhancing properties of overhead showers;
  • Fourthly, innovative technologies have transformed a forgotten anachronism in an amazing device that we can’t do without when bathing.

A cabin crowned with a shower head

The primary objective of an overhead shower is an ordinary flow of water, which must literally surround the human body, so when you install the shower head, is important to keep an appropriate distance between it and the user’s head. A hand-held shower has a capability of letting through approximately 8-11 litres of water per minute, while an overhead shower head can pour 10-14 litres per minute. The beauty is of course not in the mindless consumption of water, but especially when combined with a hydromassage system, often provided with a shower head, an overhead shower may be many times more effective in conducting toning procedures during your shower.

Its mode of providing relaxing summer rain can of course be very pleasant and even healthy, however, if the main requirement is simply washing, then it is advisable for this key purpose to use a hand-held shower head. It is because of these rather different functional orientations that shower cabins are usually equipped with two kinds of shower heads, overhead and hand-held.

Of course, shower heads for an overhead shower, designed for premium shower cabins are markedly different from modest budget models. The difference is in many parameters, including:

  • the number of modes of hydro-massage jets;
  • the efficiency of the limescale cleaning system;
  • the convenience and ease of switching modes;
  • designer-quality products.

These are some of the main factors to consider when thinking through your choices at the time of buying a shower cabin.

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What is the length of the bar to choose for the soul

The length and height of a shower riser bar — key components in the comfort of your bathing experience

A shower riser bar is designed to facilitate the positioning of shower heads on the wall of a shower to make its use more comfortable and convenient. But selecting and installing such a simple device wrongly can cause the opposite effect can be achieved. Read this article as to how to avoid problems.

A long riser bar for your shower

The most commonly-found shower riser bars are 60, 65, 90 or 100 centimetres. Select the rod best for you according to the following guidelines:

  1. The longer the riser bar, the more options you have for positioning the shower head

Riser bars that are 60cm or 100cm long make it possible to position the shower head at different heights. This length will also depend on just how many accessories you may wish to fix to the bar.

For example, if the bar length is 60 cm and placed to provide an overhead shower with a mixer tap, and a variety of shelves, then there is no room for maneouver for the shower head, given its own size.

At the same time, a 100-centimetre riser bar installed in your shower cabin even allows you to take a shower sitting down.

  1.  The longer the riser bar, the more accessories you can fix to it

An overhead shower, manual shower, soap dish, hooks for sponges, and shelves, can all be accommodated on the same shower bar with the proviso that it is of sufficient length.

Riser bar height

Ответ на вопрос, на какой высоте лучше установить душевую штангу, зависит лишь от индивидуальных потребностей пользователя. Но все же и здесь есть некоторые рекомендации.

Какую же высоту установки душевой штанги выбрать, если:

The answer to the question of what height is the best for installing a riser bar depends only on the individual needs of the user. Yet even here we can follow some suggestions.

What is the height of the best riser bar installation chosen if:

  • the shower will only be used by one person

 Choosing the length of a bar to make it most convenient for one main user is much easier than for the whole family. And in this case the choice of riser bar simply depends on their height: the shower head should not touch the bather’s head, so the upper end of the rod should be at such a height that the shower head is normally positioned approximately 20 cm above the user.

  • the shower will be used by adults of differing heights

In this case, the shower riser bar must be placed so that the height of the shower head, when positioned at its highest extreme, does not bother the tallest user, but at the same time be within arm’s reach of the adult of the smallest stature. Thus, both will be able to take a shower in full comfort without compromising the pleasure from feeling the water jets.

  • there are children among the members of the family

Because children grow, setting the bar to the height of the smallest members of the family is not a good idea. It would be more sensible to think about how comfortable you would be at a height for the bar, given the length of the shower hose that enables you to easily help a small child perform all the necessary bathing actions.

  • you have plans to install an overhead shower

An overhead shower is installed by the the majority of consumers due to its unique effect of a tropical downpour. However, as most manufacturers recommend, to have the most complete range of sensations, the distance from the user’s head to the shower head of an overhead shower should be 20-50 cm.

This distance is important because the effect of soft water flow is obtained thanks to the fact that the water jets are dispersed over an ideal height. If there is insufficient distance between the overhead shower head and the bather, you won’t get the hoped-for invigorating effect.

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